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“We liked everything about P & R.  We needed our first bathroom completed very quickly which was sorted out very efficiently.  Everything progressed perfectly as promised to our total satisfaction delivered through all the team with Jason, John and Jerry delivering care and detail at every stage. We have and would recommend P & R to anybody and with Matt's design skills hope to re-furbish our cloakroom early next year.  P & R deserve every success now and in the future"

Testimonial - Mr and Mrs D, Olney

At P and R Interiors we have extensive showroom facilities at our Lurke Street showroom in the heart of Bedford, along with extensive warehousing, administration and logistics.


Our showroom features a vast array of styles.  With our Bathrooms we have over 50 full room set displays showing an extensive range of combinations with many different bath shower and tiling options all displayed in full, we even have several of the bath and shower settings working in order to best display the innovation that is available on filling baths and running showers.  In our full Hansgrohe shower experience centre we have 13 different showers working so you can select the shower that is really right for your personal preferences.


We have specialist shower enclosure areas showing the smallest through to the largest shower cubicles, we have over 25 full cubicles on display.  The latest models, all the sizes and all the variations are in store.


Despite many of the brochures we have showing bathrooms the size of a mansion, we have specialist display areas showing items that fit in to smaller bathrooms, cloakrooms and unusual spaces, we have a whole are dedicated to making sure you can fit in the items you require.


We even have a special area that shows you what goes on ‘behind the scenes’ of your bathroom.  Have you ever wondered how those wall mounted toilets work, we show you what is behind the wall so you have the reassurance all will be working now and for years to come.


We also have special areas dedicated to Radiators and also accessories.  Finally in addition to the room set displays we have an extensive tile display area.  This area alone is over 1000 sq. ft. and features around 2500 choices of tiles, mosaics, and natural stone finishes.


We are currently expanding our kitchen displays and we will be having a new window display featuring a stunning new design fitted early in 2015.


The Heat shop is our own shop in shop for all your home heating needs.  Here you can get expert advice on Heating and boilers, solar panels and renewable energy along with oil fuel installation


Feel free to browse our showroom and the P and R team are here to help you through the process.  With the vast array of selection on offer we will give you honest and genuine advise to ensure that your finished project is everything you dreamt it would be.  Our Computer design service provides you with visuals of what the room will look like right down to the particular taps or toilet roll holder.


It is very typical to be unsure of all that you want in your room, it is perfectly normal for our clients to say something like ‘I want a big shower enclosure’ and we can then start designing a room and putting some ideas together and from that we can gradually get all the other items selected to products that you love and show you what the whole room will look like when completed.