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Disabled Bathrooms

At P&R Interiors we can combine the style and beauty of a modern bath or shower room with the function and practicality to help us as we get older, making sure your room doesn’t end up looking like a clinical institutionalised bathroom.

Our design team can work with you to provide functional easy to use bathrooms and then our installation team can facilitate the supervised installation for you adhering to local authority guidelines, or we can supply for you and liaise with your chosen installer.


Disabled friendly bathrooms that don’t look like hospital bathrooms!




  • Low access (sometimes flush) entry shower trays/wet floors
  • Fold down shower seats
  • Sturdy shower rails that double up as grab bars
  • Fold down grab bars at side of w/c
  • Higher toilets
  • Custom height basins
  • Easy control tape and shavers
  • Thermostatic safe showers
  • Safety glass shower screens
  • Non slip floors
  • Low height baths
  • Baths with a door
  • Fixed glass shower screens/Outward opening shower doors (in case of a slip or fall)
  • Grab bars


We can offer level access shower trays or wet floors either upstairs or downstairs, low level shower trays are also available for the more abled person.


Fold down shower seats are also available, these are popular for either parking oneself on whilst showering or simply for just resting a foot whilst washing it in the shower, a foot bar is also available for this purpose.

Longer sliding shower rails are available so the shower head can slide right down to shower seat height.


Easy access fixed glass walk in type shower screens are available in various lengths and also come with hinged screens that can be fixed to the end if necessary.

The screens will feature easy clean glass and will of course be made from British standard safety glass.

We are able to supply slightly higher conventional close coupled wc's with soft close seats or wall mounted wc's to facilitate virtually any height to suite most clients, the w/c area can also include fold down grab bars to assist movement on and off the w/c.

Basin can be installed at a workable height depending on particular needs.

Shower valves and basin mixers have easy to use levers and buttons and feature cool start on the basin and thermostats on the shower valves to protect you from scalding for extra safety.

High grip and non-slip floor tiles can be fitted on wooden and concrete floors alike to help coordinate the finished look.

Low height baths and baths with doors are also available for those who prefer to soak.

Grab bars that double up as soap trays can be installed onto solid walls or with special reinforcement can also be installed onto studwork.

All in all we are able to provide you with an easy to use and maintain, age sensitive bath or shower room that retains an aesthetically pleasing look and will be efficient and effective as we become older or less abled.

Registered disabled clients maybe able to apply for a VAT concession……


Mr B, The embankment, Bedford

“Many thanks for a fantastic new shower room, we’re very pleased with it and the service provided.”


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